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About Client

The client is a US-based individual employed in State Petroleum Corp. Ltd., which is located at Gandhinagar in Gujarat.


To successfully recover the lost Outlook PST file and other data from the physically damaged SSD.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery for SSD data recovery services via Google search inquiry source.


Recovered Outlook PST file and other data lost from SSD.

Stellar Data Recovery services successfully recovers Richard May’s data and helped resume his critical work for GSPC.


Richard May, a U.S native, is employed with the State Petroleum Corporation Limited (GSPC) located at Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Incorporated in 1979 as a petrochemical company, the corporation is India’s only State Government-owned oil and gas Exploration Company with the Government of Gujarat holding approximately 95% equity stake.


The client used a Lenovo laptop with a 256GB Toshiba SSD (Model No.: LMT-256L9M-11 and Serial No.: 7224000155H-A). The large sized SSD drive ensured that a significant amount of data could be stored and accessed on it in the long run. However, the laptop was performing inconsistently as it went to a hang state now and then, therefore, restarting each time.

“I could not use my Lenovo laptop with Toshiba SSD properly as it kept on hanging and would restart each time. I do not know the reason. But certainly, I will have to ask for assistance.”

With this happening every other time, he could not use his laptop properly and had to pause his highly critical work. All that he wished for was a reliable and instant SSD drive recovery so that he could regain access to the lost data.


We at Stellar Data Recovery received the client’s query for SSD data recovery services via Google search inquiry source. We learned that he was worried as well as frustrated as all his vital Outlook PST file in addition to other data stored in the laptop was lost. One of our executives lent an empathetic ear and listened attentively to the issue that the client faced. This was followed by an assurance that we would successfully recover and hand over the lost data to him. Next, our executive explained the complete process of SSD data recovery service to the client and asked if he wished to recover the data by the proposed methods.

“Stellar Data Recovery came to my rescue by offering SSD Recovery once I approached them. Else, the critical work I was performing would have been a complete waste.”

To this, the client agreed for SSD recovery and asked to send his drive to Stellar Data Recovery-Ahmedabad that was the closest service center in Gandhinagar, where the client resided. We at the Ahmedabad Service Centre received the faulty SSD on November 21, 2016, but as data could not be recovered here, we sent the affected SSD to our headquarters, located at Gurugram for diagnosis. The primary diagnosis revealed that the SSD suffered physical damage and around 70% to 80% data could be recovered in approximately 2 to 3 working days after confirmation.


In the beginning, the experts of Stellar Data Recovery attempted to recover data by making a clone of the SSD. However, this interrupted because of a critical issue in the memory chip. This challenge had overcome to complete the SSD data recovery process.

As a resolution, one of our data recovery experts inspected the client’s Toshiba SSD and came to the conclusion that it was severely damaged, therefore, making the data within it inaccessible. They further added that the State-of-the-Art CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM Lab that rendered clean environment would be required for the complete SSD data recovery. This was informed to the client from the expert who further assured to provide a successful data recovery process.

“CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM and experts’ advanced techniques was the resolution to recover data from physically damaged SSD.”

After receiving the confirmation from the client to proceed with the recovery process, the following steps were performed:

  • Firstly, the Solid State Drive (SSD) has taken to the CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM Lab.
  • Secondly, the experts worked on the chip level of SSD and tried to get accessibility to the data by making a clone of the SSD.
  • Finally, they recovered the 54.9 GB data that the client needed.

After the successful recovery, Stellar notified the client via email of the same further stating that all his lost and inaccessible data including PST files have been recovered. Then, the client verified his data online via TeamViewer and was quite happy with the results! He then thanked the experts of Stellar Data Recovery for the remarkable recovery.

“Thanks for complete and timely aid!”


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