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Based in Ahmedabad, Chiripal Group of Companies was started in 1972 that manufactures facilities for POY, Cotton Spinning, Denim Weaving, Home Furnishing, and more.


To successfully recover all the data lost due to the failure of the SAS hard drive.


Approached Ahmedabad Service Center of Stellar Data Recovery to recover all the lost data.


Successfully recovered complete data from the SAS hard drive.

Chiripal Group of Companies easily recovers its lost sas drive data with help from Stellar’s Ahmedabad branch


Chiripal Group is a conglomerate that was established in the year 1972 for manufacturing of fabrics headed by Mr. Ved Prakash Chiripal. Over the years, it has become an integrated enterprise with manufacturing facilities for several items such as Texturising, POY, Cotton Spinning, Denim Weaving, Knitting, and Processing, etc.


The client used a Seagate SAS hard drive, the data storage limit which was 146GB. Thus, the client could store a significant amount of its data on the server and bring it in use whenever required and access the data. Everything was fine until the day when the hard drive in the server became corrupt or damaged. When this happened, the client could not access the data stored on the server’s hard drive. Also, the drive was not giving any response to the read/write requests made by the client. The fact was, it became impossible for the client to use the drive in any way. Possibly, it was all because of bad sectors on the drive.


When the IT administrator of Chiripal Group of Companies that was our client, followed up the issue to tackle the situation, he identified that the drive had quite a number of bad sectors. On further analysis, he found that the bad sectors were the cause of damage in the partitions of the drive. This, in turn, resulted in the inaccessibility of all the data that were stored in the drive.

On facing such a grim situation, the client’s IT administrator reached out to Stellar Data Recovery Ahmedabad Service Centre and contacted the front-desk executive there for SAS HDD data recovery services. The executive then responded to the query by saying that Stellar Data Recovery is the No.1 in data recovery for SAS drives, irrespective of the severity of the physical damaged caused that leads to loss of data. Going forward, the executive asked the administrator to bring the drive to the Centre for initial analysis.

Further, the administrator brought the SAS drive to the Service Centre that was then handed over to the data recovery professionals for preliminary analysis. On completion of the primary analysis, they found that the issue was in the sectors of the drive and that they would require specific tools, techniques, and a suitable environment to fix the issue in the drive.


Our data recovery professionals inspected the client’s SAS HDD and comprehended over the course of the day that the drive had been severely damaged, making the data within it inaccessible. The team of experts also believed that Data Recovery Service (DRS) Lab that renders perfect environment for successful recovery from the SAS drive.

Our executive intimated this to the client on the same day, and within an hour, received a go-ahead for recovery. Having a team of experts ready, we immediately started the recovery process wherein the following steps were performed:

  • Firstly, the recovery professionals brought the drive to our in-house DRS Lab.
  • Secondly, they used standardized tools and techniques that were developed in-house to repair the bad sectors and convert them into good sectors. With this, data on those sectors could be easily restored.
  • Thirdly, they created an image file of those data in the drive that were inaccessible.
  • Finally, they recovered the entire drive data with integrity; i.e. with completeness and accuracy.

All in all, the executive at our Stellar Data Recovery-Ahmedabad Service Centre informed the client that all the lost or inaccessible data was retrieved efficaciously. On learning this, the client immediately sent its representative to our Service Center that was close by, for validation of the recovered data. On verifying, he stated that the experts had performed a top-notch recovery which he never expected. He added that he was euphoric to find that the data was recovered with integrity!


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