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Data Recovery Services

Stellar Data Recovery, Ahmedabad provides industry-leading data recovery services for recovering data across all platforms, file systems, and servers. The engineers at Stellar have a vast experience in performing successful recoveries from all media types. With Stellar, you can get your data back in the least turnaround time & at an affordable price. Stellar possesses a wide range of data recovery capabilities, including hard disk recovery, laptop/desktop recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, storage box recovery, email recovery, and file recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery facilitates a wide range of data recovery services including hard disk recovery, laptop/desktop recovery, server recovery, RAID recovery, storage box recovery, email recovery, and file recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery

Data Recovery

HDD Data Recovery

We are specialized in dealing with all kinds of hard drive failures (mechanical/electrical/firmware failure). Our data recovery team has in-depth knowledge of hard drive dynamics to create custom HDD data recovery solutions for a successful data recovery.


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Raid & Server Recovery

Raid Data Recovery

Raid & Server Recovery

The data recovery team has years of experience in recovering data stripped across multiples drives and in all types of RAID servers. Stellar Data Recovery has a proven success track of data recovery from all types of servers, including RAID Servers, File Servers, Application Servers, and Web Servers.


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Disk Sanitization

Data Sanitization

Data Sanitization

We have proprietary tools which guarantees the erasure of every bit of data from the hard drive and other storage media. We leverage proper data sanitization methods to securely wipe out all data.


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Why Stellar Data Recovery

Top Rated Data Recovery Company in India

Expert Technical Team, backed by highly skilled R & D Team

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Client Testimonials

The Stellar Service center in Ahmedabad did a fantastic job in recovering files from my laptop. This files had 18 years of accumulated data on the disk…The job was done in 24 hrs and all the files were recovered. Great job!

Shrenik Zaveri

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Latest Case Study

Chiripal group of companies easily recovers its lost sas drive data with help from stellar

The client used a Seagate SAS hard drive, the data storage limit which was 146GB. Thus, the client could store a significant amount of its data on the server and bring it in use whenever required and access the data.

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